• Ways To Avoid Getting Hacked This Holiday

    You might think that the busiest day for malware infections would be Cyber Monday, the first Monday following Thanksgiving when many online retailers have special sales. But in 2016, the busiest day was Wednesday December 14th, with infections 120.06% higher than normal. November and December are typically very busy months for computer malware infections, and an […]
  • 6 Services That Quietly Collect Your Personal Data

    On some level, we all know that our devices are watching us. When it comes to Google Home or Amazon Echo, we embrace the fact that a giant tech company listens in on what we say. It’s transactional—they get a little personal data, and we get a little personal convenience. But when we wrap our […]
  • Some Common Business Problems That Are Solved with Digital Technology

    Technology has been helping us solve problems where human power alone just isn’t enough. For every big problem digital technology helps solve with much fanfare, thousands of little ones are eliminated each day without much notice. In this article, we bring you some common business problems that are solved with a little help from digital […]
  • Ways to Maintain Digital Security

    Digital security must be a priority for practically every business, big or small, starting immediately. In just the past year, many large companies have been hacked, putting the private and personal information of millions of consumers at risk. Moreover, in our modern global economy, virtually every company uses some type of network or internet accessible […]
  • Tips To Avoid Having Your Computer Hacked

    Tips to avoid having your e-mail account or computer hacked. Before thinking of installing software for encrypting communication or data, you should adopt some good habits and follow these tips. Avoid working with your back to a window When you are travelling on a plane or train, attach a privacy filter to your screen. A […]