• Starting a business

    People who have a feeling they were meant to be entrepreneurs but don’t know how to put that desire into action. They don’t know how to get things started. And when I say “get started,” I’m not necessarily talking about developing a business plan or even coming up with a business idea, which in a […]
  • Incubators and Accelerators

    What is an accelerator? Startup accelerators are fixed-term, group programs that include mentorship and training and end in a public pitch event or demo day. Accelerator programs all differ, but they tend to work by getting startups to apply for a three or four-month scheme based within the host company’s offices, during which time they […]
  • 7 Things That Most First Time Founders Get Wrong

    Starting a company is hard. There’s a reason that over 80 percent of all companies fail within 18 months. Luck certainly plays a part, but there are also very tactical steps founders can take to increase their odds of success. First time founders, especially ones that haven’t thought much about what it truly takes to […]
  • Business Incubators For Startups

    Business incubators are facilities established to nurture young startup firms during their early months or years. It usually provides affordable space, shared offices and services, hand-on management training, marketing support and, often, access to some form of financing. The main purpose of an incubator is to help startups to grow. They are collaborative programs which […]