• are u starting a new business? reasons you should look for partners

    The fact remains that there will always be that urge to achieve whatever your goals alone and take all the glory that comes from it. After all, self-preservation remains the number one human instinct. But it does not always augur well with us when we try to do everything alone, especially when it comes to […]
    • by Abdulazeez Abdulkareem
    • 2 Years ago
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  • Ways to Improve Productivity at the Workplace

    Employees spending extend periods of time in the workplace are not an extraordinary sight nowadays. However, the amount of the work day is spent gainfully is another issue out and out. As the expression goes “it’s not the quantity of hours you put into work, it is the measure of work you put in those […]
    • by Abdulazeez Abdulkareem
    • 3 Years ago
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  • Entrepreneurship Impact on Productivity

    Entrepreneurship is important for many reasons, not all of them quantifiable. New enterprises can supply a growing economy with new wealth and new jobs; they can create better jobs or bring whole new industries to emerging markets. They can open up new cultural possibilities in countries where risk aversion previously hampered entrepreneurial achievement. And a […]
  • Importance of Productivity

    Productivity is essentially the efficiency in which a company or economy can transform resources into goods, potentially creating more from less. Increased productivity means greater output from the same amount of input. This is a value-added process that can effectively raise living standards through decreasing the required monetary investment in everyday necessities (and luxuries), making […]
  • Efficient Ways to Increase Productivity

    Starting a business is difficult work. Stamina, sleepless nights and a super-set of organizational skills are essential. To get your business off the ground effectively, you’ll also need to be extremely organized and have a keen sense of all your plans and goals. Few ways to increase productivity; 1. Focus on creating value at work. […]
  • Seven Simple Tips To Improve Daily Productivity

    SEVEN SIMPLE TIPS TO IMPROVE DAILY PRODUCTIVITY “Be productive!!! Be productive!!!” A sentence with two words only but one of the most frustrating sentences thrown in our faces either in our work environment or by that annoying little voice in our head. But the truth we all know is that, it easier said than done. […]