• Business Proposal Tips

    When sales professionals are tasked with putting together a proposal, many want to run the other way. But with the right knowledge, preparation and skills, proposals should be nothing to fear. Writing a proposal and taking the time to ensure it’s done right is key to landing more deals and earning more business. Companies’ top sales […]
  • Bookkeeping.

    Badly tracked finances can cause your business a world of problems from poor cash flow to improper tax filings and beyond. These kinds of problems can put a young business at serious risk. Entrepreneurs keep a lot of the financial details of their business in their heads. Good bookkeeping habits, on the other hand, can […]
  • The Research and Development Department.

    Research and development are a valuable tool for growing and improving your business. Research and development involves researching your market and your customer needs and developing new and improved products and services to fit these needs. Businesses that have a research and development strategy have a greater chance of success than businesses that don’t. A […]
  • Managing Human Resources.

    The human resources department of any company or organization is responsible for recruiting and retaining employees, managing benefits and salary, training and compliance, working to resolve issues between management and employees, and contributing to a successful culture at work. Some companies have only 1(one) person managing all human resources functions and others have an entire […]
  • Business Operations: Meaning and Purpose

    A company’s success or failure relies heavily on the efficiency of operations. But what are these processes for? What can stakeholders expect from the right plan and the proper steps? For one, they can expect to increase their company’s value. This is done by making a profit. The value increase is affected by just how […]
  • Business Operations

    An operational plan forms part of the business’s strategic plan and is important for effective business leadership. It describes how the work will be done, the workflow from input to end results, including the resources that will be used along the way, all of which are required for success. Streamlined business systems also defines how […]
  • Hidden Costs of Starting and Running a Business

    Regardless of what anyone else tells you, running a business isn’t cheap or easy. In addition to the expenses you probably know about, there are a number of hidden costs of starting and running a business. I personally find that easily sneak up on you. It can even erode your bottom line if you aren’t careful. Understanding […]
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