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Dear leader,
Be deliberate about 2019, plan not to spend all your time around those that have attained their highest aspirations in 2018.

They will keep you busy with stories of the past while wasting your time on the account of their accomplished dreams.

Stories should do two things, inform to inspire hope and inspire to instruct productive actions forward, those whose dreams have been conquered will dwell more on the formal and ignore the later.

Instead of mind-storming forward to capture new horizons, you’ll be chained and glued to the pictures of the past, don’t live in the past while growing forward. You must think forward than you’re talking backward in 2019.

Any conversation that glues you to the past without any connection with the future you seek individually or corporately should be tactically avoided and if need demand be politely confronted.

Blind loyalty to friends that have stopped growing will truncate your promised future, divinity needs humanity to balance, prophecies must be walked, worked and warred with, laziness will always abort divine promises.

Do all you can to focus and position rightly in 2019. Four types of positioning you must master, we will talk more about that in the coming year…


Thanks for being part of my year, I wish you the best in this season.


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