As one of the leading organizations committed to leadership development, grassroots inclusive initiatives, corporate support services, social transformation and nation building, we understand that, conscious approach must be given to equipping new breed of leaders at all levels, who will with clear vision, sound mind, compassionate heart and skillful hands initiate people-focused programs, execute relevant-timely projects, design fair policies and operate standard practices towards the urgent transformation our nation deserves going forward.

Innovation is at the heart of economic growth, it is either the world is drinking from our well of innovation or we sit and keep paying heavily to enjoy products and creatives of their mental output.

In a nation where consumption mentality is popular and importation of all basics comes from the intellectual box of other nations, it won’t be bad to say such a people are only growing old daily and not growing up.

To raise innovative, creative and produce a critical mass of patriotic and forward thinking citizens, there must continuous awareness and deliberate institutionalization of systems and programs for the re-engineering of the mind of the people to think beyond themselves and as creative-innovative powerhouse and not just live as consuming entity.

This and many other key goals are what Heroes Nation is set to achieve at the Innovative Leadership Summit 2018.
It is designed to feature leaders in the corporate sector, captains of industries, IT specialist, players in health sector, policy makers, community influencers and of course, both social and classic entrepreneurs.

Heroes Nation is shouldering the conference cost, all you need do is to register and make your way to the summit. At the conference, you will relearn what you already know, you will learn new things, you may meet people you already know but for sure you will get to network with highly resourceful young and old players in your field.

Registration is compulsory, kindly Register here

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