Miss Babawale Dorcas Olamide

Kwarapreneur had an interesting interview with Miss Babawale Dorcas Olamide an entrepreneur and owner of Royalty organic cosmetic products, so we interviewed her to get an insight into her life as an entrepreneur, what it has been like working as an entrepreneur and any advice she has for other budding entrepreneurs. These are some of the things she shared with us during the interview.

Q: About yourself (name and where from).
My name is Babawale Dorcas Olamide. I am from Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

Q: What product or services you offer or manufacture?
I produce a wide range of organic cosmetic products which includes coconut oil (for several health benefits for aged adults and newborns), carrot oil (for even skin tone, clearing scars and dark spots), guava leaves and onion oil (for hair growth), organic black soap (for various skin problems and maintenance). I also sell first grade (UK used) clothes at affordable prices.

Q: How did you get the idea or concept for the business?
The idea came when I bought a fake organic product because I have always had affinity for organic and natural products especially for the fear of cancer. After the purchase of the fake product I decided to do it for myself and for people around me to save them from the stress I went through then, and with time it became a business. The first grade business idea came when I was in the university and I needed to look good at an affordable rate hence my choice of fairly used items then I started selling too. I turned my passion to making money

Q: What was your mission from the beginning?
The mission from the start was to ensure that people get value for what they pay for and get the best at all time.

Q: What is your goal?
To grow this business into a world renowned organic cosmetic company that gives the best at all time. God help me, and also grow into a big importation company that empower youths who are willing to work and not sit at home.

Q: How do you manage schooling and business?
I have always trained myself to be a good manager of time and besides my schooling is part time for now

Q: How do you advertise your business?
I advertise using social media and testimonials from my customers

Q: What is unique about your business?
I produce organic things only and sell only first grade wears.

Q: What made you choose this type of business?
My affinity for organic and natural things as well as good and affordable wears since they make me feel comfortable with myself.

Q: Quick advice for other entrepreneurs like you.
They should keep trying even when the situation is frustrating or discouraging because I strongly believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Contact her on tell: 08152701896

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