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Mr. Tobi Bamidele (Catalyst) is the first son in a family of 4, he is from Kwara State, Ekiti local government OSI to be precise. He is an undergraduate student of Biochemistry in the University of Ilorin. He is the C.E.O Creative Hub, Creative Hub is an innovative company, providing technology based solutions for businesses and brands in Nigeria and across Africa. You can call them “Brand Identity Expert”. His vision is to help people identify, understand and maximize their difference, also help individuals in their “Pursuit of Purpose” through information, Training, Networking and personal development / Branding and create value by providing technology based solutions for businesses and brands in Nigeria and Africa and looking at the era we are in right now, the internet and social media age, most companies are looking for ways to make their business have online presence, automate their services, improve their services and attract potential customers, he just saw an opportunity to help businesses grow and achieve their corporate goals.
Catalyst as he is fondly called by friends and family is the Chief Strategy Coordinator of Successor Generation Community (ACHIEVERS CONSORTIUM) Unilorin Nexus a talent mining platform within higher institutions that identifies, develops and focuses core competences of undergraduate members on plugging emerging strategic talent gaps in the economy.
The company focuses on digital, design, Prints, marketing, web, advertising and technology. We help our clients by defining their position, expanding their brand and creating customer-centric platforms and applications.
Catalyst is the Founder of Smartpreneur Lab. Smartpreneur Lab a social enterprise focusing on building a strong startup ecosystem around the Nigeria tertiary institutions, media and ICT based solutions for businesses and brand across Nigeria and Africa.
He got the idea through a friend who wanted to start some businesses came to consult him on how they could start and create a brand for themselves and also create awareness for what they do, he helped them out in solving those problems for free and it turned out well, then he thought to myself why don’t I become a brand expert and get value in return for the value I get. He then noticed we don’t have that one stop shop for all media, I.T and prints solutions. Which makes people contact different companies for different services. He saw the need and he decided to plug-in and solve the problem and the passion he has for media and Advertisement. These were actually the things that brought about the business.
His goal is to become a leading Media and I.T firm in Africa which provides innovative solutions for businesses and brands and offers top-notch training services. He advertises his business through the use of Social Media. Mr. Tobi Bamidele told us how it has been with schooling and running a business, in his own words “it has not been easy I must confess, to be honest with you my academics are actually suffering due to the fact that I am not a natural science person”. He is much more inclined to Social and Management sciences than pure or life sciences. So he struggles to make sure he gets the required grades to move to the next level and he created a system that helps him manage his academics with business
This are services the one stop media and I.T solutions firm offers:
– Design
– General Branding
– Printing
– Social Media Marketing
– Mobile & App
– Online Advertising
– Email & Marketing
– Web & Portal
– Digital Video Production
– E Commerce Solutions
– Content Development
– Event Concept and Management
– Training and Consultancy
Currently they are working on their website and actually looking for investors to make it bigger. The business has been online serving the UNILORIN community. We want to expand to other parts of Kwara and Nigeria as soon as possible.
Mr. Tobi Bamidele (Catalyst) advised entrepreneurs by using the words of his Father and mentor Johnson Abbaly.
“Use time to convert your brain cells into cognitive assets with incredible cerebral power to dominate the industry you find yourself. Your valuation of your time will proceed from how much value you extract from it”.
“Anyone who wastes your time disrespects you. And you should stop making it so available to be wasted. Don’t cast your pearls to those who don’t appreciate its value, you aren’t doing them any favors, you are messing up their sense of value. You will make them price gold as dust and spend gold for dust”.
–Johnson Abbaly
Mr. Tobi Bamidele (Catalyst) said to remember that everyone has great potentials locked inside of them, all you have to do is to unlock it, don’t waste your potential.

Mr. Tobi Bamidele can be reached on:

Tel: 08139000773

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