Toens ‘N’ Bakes offers you all types of cakes (wedding, birthdays and all types of events), snacks, salads, small chops for events and all types of drinks, Toens ‘N’ Bakes is owned by Mrs. Samira Suleiman she is from ilemana, oyun local government area of kwara state, she is a Baker. She Learnt it from a professional, which then decided to start a business of her own, she has been baking for more than 15 (fifteen) years, despite the years of experience she said she is still getting more ideas and learning new ways every day. Mrs. Samira Suleiman choose this type of business because she loves doing it and the strong passion for it and of course to make profit, she is doing it to be able to pay some bills and as she said “have fun”. She advertises her services by the use of social media and telling people about it.

She said creativity and her years of experience makes her service outstanding, the love she has for baking motivates her to always give customers the best. Mrs. Samira Suleiman also offer training to prospective people, with different stages for the training (3 months, 6 months, 1 year), she currently has 8 students. Mrs. Samira Suleiman has successfully managed her home, family and business effectively, she travels to parts of the country for baking, she said being a baker has been worth it, the creativity, experience and passion has made baking worth it and all these has been a source motivation for her, Mrs. Samira Suleiman advised bakers to always be ready to update their knowledge, get new ideas, to dynamic and learn from other people.

TOENS ‘N’ BAKES can be reached at No 12, ilupeju street, off Basin road, Ilorin, kwara sate.

Tel: 08064629686

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