Miss Jibril Olanwami Aishat

Kwarapreneur had an interview with Miss Jibril Olanwami Aishat a student of kwara state College of education ilorin primary education department. I’m from kwara state, patigi local government but base in ilorin here were she learnt how to bake, when she was in secondary school, after when she graduated from secondary school she saw it as something that can be easy for her, most especially if she was able to gain admission. She then went for 6 months training on baking, before the training her intention was to learn how to decorate a cake but when she got there she saw an opportunity to learn how to make different kinds of snacks as well, so she did. Her mission was to have an idea of these things because when she was processing her admission she wished she had been admitted to home economics department but she wasn’t. She advertises her cakes through her display picture, whenever she is through with a work she uploads them for people to see. Her business doesn’t disturb with her education because of low demand. She picked baking because she sees it as a business that will not disturb her career, education most especially when she gets married. She told us what makes her cakes different from others “Everybody has his/her own talent more so I don’t over decorate because when the decoration is too much on a cake it looks somehow ugly to me”, her decoration is incomparable because she makes a very simple decoration and it’s colorfully.

She advice other entrepreneurs not to hide their talent because everybody has his/her own talent if at all is not much, they should try to find a means by going for some months or years training, it depends on the nature of work.

Miss Jibril Olanwami Aishat can be contacted on 09037937349

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