M-Square Fashion

M-Square Fashion is owned by Salman A. Murtala from Ilorin kwara state, he is into selling of materials and sewing, he learned the business from experience of been sent to get quality products from the market by customers. He intends to develop what he has learnt to more high level and also become a successful man in the business, He advertises he business through social media.

Mr. Salman A. Murtala is a student of Kinsey College of Education Ilorin, kwara state, he manages to keep up with school activity by working on clothes at night to meet up with customer’s deadline, his dad picked the business for him. Mr. Salman A. Murtala gave a quick advice to other entrepreneurs, that people should always try to be themselves.

Mr. Salman A. Murtala can be reach at 09067818254

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