Kash Ventures Nigeria Limited (Your satisfaction is our priority).

Mr. Hussein Babatunde Moshood the C.E.O of Kash Ventures Nigeria Limited, specialized in sales and repair of shoes, Mr. Hussein got the idea of the business from where he learned it from his boss as an apprentice. The reason he got into the business was to make himself better, he told us that I hated being dependent on any one so he started the business to be a self-boss, Mr. Hussein said the reason for picking this type of business was his passion for it and that people can’t do without wearing. He also said the quality and materials used for the shoes makes his services unique from others, and he makes sure that he satisfies customers, we discussed advertising with Mr. Hussein and he said he advertise his business through interpersonal relation and social media.


Mr. Hussein’s goals for the business is to become a successful business owner and teach more people the business. Mr. Hussein gave a quick advice “it is better to do something better while there is still time than when it becomes too late”

Mr. Hussein can be reached at: beside energy filling station basin ilorin, kwara state, husseinmashood0@gmail.com, 08060416183

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