Importance of Customer Service.

Customer service handles company issues in stores, over the phone and even by email. Companies that produce highly technical products, such as software or satellite television, often have technical support staffs to resolve problems. Customer service is important to an organization for a number of reasons. Foremost, it would be difficult for a company to survive without customer service, as there would be no one available to handle payments or answer questions from prospective customers.

Customer service is important to an organization because it is often the only contact a customer has with a company. Customers are vital to an organization. Some customers spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year with a company. Consequently, when they have a question or product issue, they expect a company’s customer service department to resolve their issues. Customer service is also important to an organization because it can help differentiate a company from its competitors.

A company with excellent customer service is more likely to get repeat business from customers. Consequently, the company will benefit with greater sales and profits. Contrarily, companies with poor customer service may lose customers, which will have a negative impact on business. It costs a lot more money for a company to acquire a customer than to retain them, due to advertising costs and the expense of sales calls. Therefore, the efforts that go into maintaining quality customer service can really pay dividends over time. People that have a positive experience with a company’s customer service department will likely tell two or three others about their experience, quality customer service can be a source of promotion for organizations. Contrarily, a person who has a bad customer service experience will likely tell between nine and 20 people.

One of the more important aspects of good customer service is receiving customer feedback, according to business experts, a business cannot initiate customer-friendly improvements or changes unless it first knows what the customer wants. By taking the time to listen to customers, and by encouraging customers to give their input through quality customer service, you can learn how to improve the way your organization does business and what product improvements you need to make to sell more product.

Good customer service can help you determine what kinds of information is important to your clients. The complaints and concerns fielded by the customer service associates can be used by the sales department to better focus sales pitches and presentations. A good customer-care program takes the time to better understand the likes and dislikes of your clients, and that is valuable sales information. When you take the time to develop positive relationships with customers, you begin to develop a valuable network of valuable marketing subjects. Trusted customers are ones that you test out new products with and get their input for changes and improvements. Without a network of trusted customers to test your products, you would have to invest in extensive market research in order to learn how to better target your products.

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