Ways to Maintain Digital Security

Digital security must be a priority for practically every business, big or small, starting immediately. In just the past year, many large companies have been hacked, putting the private and personal information of millions of consumers at risk. Moreover, in our modern global economy, virtually every company uses some type of network or internet accessible technology to maintain business records – even those not directly involved in e-commerce. As such, any organization is at risk of suffering a cyber-incident that will threaten the company’s profit and reputation.
In order to keep your identity safe and private from hackers and identify themselves you mustn’t give away vital information. Here are a few tips on how to maintain digital security:

• refrain from giving away personal information such as your address, full name, passwords etc.

• when making passwords, try to make ones that are hard to guess.

• Make sure to read the polices and terms of agreement when signing up for any social media or online account. This insures that you are signing up with full knowledge of your rights as a user and the way the information provided may be used.

• -Don’t make social media profiles public, instead make them visible to only your friends, that way you control who sees the information you post.
How to maintain Digital Security on your devices:
It is very important to also ensure your devices are safe and secure to use. This can be achieved by following these simple tips.

• Put a password on each of your devices so that you are the only person with access to them. Your devices contain a lot of important information and we wouldn’t want that to end up in the hands on the wrong person.

• install a trustful anti-virus software to help fight off viruses and endure your devices are safe from malware.

• Don’t click on links of unsolicited emails or ads. Instead delete the emails and install a trustful ad blocking software to prevent them from appearing again.

Ensuring Digital Security with Monetary Transactions:
Monetary transactions are becoming much easier and faster to do with the internet. Money is wired in an instant just by the click of a button. It has made life much easier, but it can become very dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken.
How to maintain Digital Security with Monetary Transactions

• Don’t wire money to people you don’t know. This is very important because it could end up being a scam.

• Use legitimate and secure mediums of payment such as PayPal or Online banking. This ensures that your information does not fall into the wrong hands.

• look out for the signs of a fraudulent scam. Always ask yourself if you are safe from identity theft and scams before making payment.

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