Kwara Co/Founders Meetup

Kwara Co/Founders Meetup was a confluence of highly prestigious young business owners with business residents in Kwara State to learn, connect and share ways at which the state can be made an entrepreneurship hub and helping entrepreneurs make their businesses better and professional, which held on Wed 20th, 2017.

The program kick started with the first speaker Mr. Badejoko Adewale, he talked about content marketing. He said content marketing to be knowledge produced in ways that makes it engaging to the audience or customers, he also urged entrepreneurs to improve on contents and that it actually helps promote the business.

Mr. Mike Oladipo who spoke next, talked more about collaboration, learn and connect with people that are able to help the business grow and for entrepreneurs to know the reasons why they started the business and to have the motivation and zeal to move further not give up due to failure and he also encouraged entrepreneurs to use the opportunity of the program to connect and meet people.

The program moved on to the next stage where a set of five (5) panelist was selected to speak on different topics and the panelist was made up of:
Mr. Adeyinka Adekeye
Mr. Badejoko Adewale
Mr. Atteh Abraham (anchor)
Mr. Adeyinka Abideen
Mr. Olayemi Adegoke

They all spoke on different topics that where affecting entrepreneurs in one way or the other, which they all talked about intensely and could help kwara entrepreneurs move their business to the next level, questions were asked and answers were provided.

After the round, a new set of panelist were called out:
Mr. Olagunju Lanre
Mr. Dare Adebayo (anchor)
Mr. Mike Oladipo
Mr. Wale Bakare
Miss Anu

This set was also given sets of different topics to talk on that also could help with promoting entrepreneurs in the state and probably outside the state, the panelist all made sure that the topics given to the was fully talked on.
The program went on to actually give the attendants the opportunity to get to move around, connect, meet one another, interact and get ideas.

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