MABIFUS Medical Diagnostics

Mr. Adekunle Adeniyi is from Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria, he studied at Lagos state college of medicine. Mr. Adekunle Adeniyi is the brain behind Mabifus Diagnostics Center Ilorin, kwara state, he decided to start this establishment due to the gab in medical service, during his internship in Ilorin he noticed the poor delivery and response to patients in the medical sector and after he saw the numbers of patients at a diagnostics center (Union Diagnostics) in Ilorin kwara state, he meet with other colleague in the same field at University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) to discuss the possibility of starting the establishment.


He later wrote a proposal with estimate for all the machines and other things need including laboratory equipment, the budget for the proposal estimated to about #500,000 million which was 5 years back, getting such amount of money was an issue because Nigeria has an unstable policies concerning medical sector, investors wouldn’t want to invest in such business that involves huge capital. He decided to source for the funds by using savings and starting small by getting shareholders, which he then started selling company shares starting with a minimum of #500,000 which later generated #3 million which was still not enough for starting the establishment. Mr. Adekunle Adeniyi later went to Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria in Ilorin, kwara state (IMAN).


The Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria in Ilorin, kwara state (IMAN) decided to buy the equipment and other machines necessary and resell to Mabifus, which has been gradually paid back, Mabifus started late 2013 and has been running till now.
Mabifus had to get a marketer from another competitor who helped them to get more clients that helped Mabifus to grow and today Mabifus is the second largest diagnostics center in Ilorin kwara state.
Mr. Adekunle Adeniyi advised entrepreneurs to think outside the box and to try to start something no matter how small the idea is.

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