Holloway Sports and Gym Shop

Holloway Sports and Gym Shop is located in the stadium, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Adabata, Ilorin East, Kwara state, Nigeria. The company is mainly into buying and selling gym Equipment’s and early this year they started producing some of the equipment’s being sold, Fitness Equipment, Gym Equipment and offering Gym Equipment’s, Sports Equipment. Owned by Mr. Okoye Darlington an entrepreneur who took the idea of the business (Holloway) which has been in the family, from his father who also did the same business. Holloway is also on Konga, Vconnect and Jumia and has been able to sell products to every part of the country through online marketing (Konga and Jumia).


Mr. Okoye Darlington also plans to open a Lagos branch of Holloway to increase sales and also to get more people to know about Holloway. During the interview we discussed about some of the challenges he is facing, which he said that some people cancel orders after discovering that the equipment being delivered to them is from Ilorin, kwara state and that has been a problem and most time they just don’t tell people where the equipment’s are coming from, another challenge we talked about was about the location of the shop in Ilorin which has made it had for people to know about Holloway. People not being fully aware of the need for exercise and the benefits to the health, due to this they conduct campaigns to create awareness and to let people know about hollow way.
The interview ended with a quick advice to other entrepreneurs to be innovative and to bring up more ideas to help them grow their business.


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