Efficient Ways to Increase Productivity

Starting a business is difficult work. Stamina, sleepless nights and a super-set of organizational skills are essential. To get your business off the ground effectively, you’ll also need to be extremely organized and have a keen sense of all your plans and goals.
Few ways to increase productivity;

1. Focus on creating value at work.
Identify one habit, one action that you do daily that is detracting from your productivity, then remove it. Once you do that, you’ll be headed in the right direction. Even better, replace that habit with something that has value. Humor is one such idea: Studies show that humor can actually increase workplace productivity.

2. Beware the afternoon boredoms.
Do this while avoiding persisting so-called energy drinks, which are mostly sugar and caffeine. Try an alternative energy booster, like green tea.

3. Say “no” to distractions.
Mobile apps offer a tempting opportunity to tune out of your routine work tasks and tune into an exciting game of killing zombies, or an attempt to balance your checking account. Promise yourself a reward of 30 minutes of zombie killing after work, if you get a certain project completed — and save your online banking duties until you can sit down to a nice meal, or you’re headed home.

4. Live a healthy life.
Small business operators pull long hours. They snack when they should eat a good meal, and they miss an inordinate amount of sleep.

5. Start your day the night before.
Lay out your work clothes, plug in the coffee maker and check tomorrow schedules. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol after 6 pm. Go to bed early. Sound like you’re in training for something? You are in training, for the sport of productivity. You can break training for the weekends and holidays.

6. Don’t be so reactive.
Time management is crucial to the success of every startup. Every email does not have to be answered right away; every person who stops by your desk does not need to be allowed to eat up a half hour with idle chit-chat; every voicemail does not need an immediate response. Focus on priorities instead of reacting to every immediate stimulus.

7. Don’t forget your employees.
As an entrepreneur, you should know that your employees will never be happy or very productive if they worry excessively about tying productivity directly to compensation. The gap will continue to widen. Work with them to create ways to make their work a source of pride and pleasure. Awards and bonuses are nice, but it’s even better to take a personal interest in all your employees, from janitor to VP. When they know you care about them as people, their productivity will increase.

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