• Kwara Co/Founders Meetup

    Kwara Co/Founders Meetup was a confluence of highly prestigious young business owners with business residents in Kwara State to learn, connect and share ways at which the state can be made an entrepreneurship hub and helping entrepreneurs make their businesses better and professional, which held on Wed 20th, 2017. The program kick started with the […]
  • Public Speaking Tips for Entrepreneurs

    For most of us, public speaking can be incredibly nerve-wracking. What if you mess up? What if no one claps? What if someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to? What if you throw up on stage? 1. Focus on the audience Most entrepreneurs worry, “How will I look on stage?” They […]
  • Design Thinking Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurial ability is hard to define, which may help explain why it’s so easy to overlook. But entrepreneurship isn’t just about founding a company. In fact, that’s a pretty limiting definition because it excludes legions of innovative and revolutionary thinkers whose primary entrepreneurial tools are not building and running businesses. Designers never get their due […]
  • Ways to Help Your Kid Start a Business and Become an Entrepreneur.

    If you’re a kid or teen who would like to start a business, then it’s time to start! Like any activity, it takes practice to become successful at entrepreneurship. You are at the perfect age to gain this valuable experience and learn how to launch. Remember, every successful entrepreneur was once a kid just like […]
  • Kwara Founders & Co-Founders meet up

    Kwara Founders meetup. Kwara Founders & Co-Founders meetup is a confluence of highly prestigious young business owners with business residents in Kwara State. The meetup started in 2016 out of the strong need for young entrepreneurs to connect, share and learn while also contributing to the development of Kwara State as an economic and entrepreneurship […]
  • Guide to Buying a Franchise

    A franchise owner, or a franchisee, is someone who buys a business that is part of a chain, using the same name, trademark, product, and services. Buying a franchise establishes a relationship with the successful business (the franchisor), provides on-going brand awareness, and gives the franchise owner a proven system to work with. The business […]
  • An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Inventing.

    Invention is about making new items, or finding new ways of making items. Innovation involves bringing this new idea to the market, that is, turning an invention into a product or services. 1. Brainstorm ideas. The first step in coming up with a truly unique and useful product or services is to brainstorm ideas. Consider […]
  • How to Improve on Creativity

    Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Entrepreneurs have to be a bottomless pit of creativity, not only do we have to […]
  • WebFALA Digital Agency

    WebFALA Digital Agency is a results-driven Web Development and Digital Marketing agency. They have expertise in Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Online Reputation Management(ORM), Social Media Branding(SMB) and online marketing solutions, WebFALA Digital Agency also provides professional training packages which specialize in helping businesses train their staff to […]
  • Holloway Sports and Gym Shop

    Holloway Sports and Gym Shop is located in the stadium, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Adabata, Ilorin East, Kwara state, Nigeria. The company is mainly into buying and selling gym Equipment’s and early this year they started producing some of the equipment’s being sold, Fitness Equipment, Gym Equipment and offering Gym Equipment’s, Sports Equipment. Owned by Mr. […]
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