NUTAN Foods – The Healthy Choice

We got the chance to sit down with an entrepreneur, Mrs. Nurat Anoba Niyi Kamardeen and her partner Mrs. Tawakalt Ishowo business Admin and culinary expert which is the main brain behind the business and we get to know about their products and how they came about the business. Mrs. Nurat Anoba Niyi Kamardeen is from Irepodun LGA, Kwara state, has and in Human Physiology. She told us more about their products, they are into natural cooking spices and seasoning that are 100% natural with no preservatives, onion powder, natural baby powder and these spices are beneficial to people’s health, the raw ingredients for these spices are locally sourced and gotten here in the country.

During the interview with Mrs. Nurat Anoba Niyi Kamardeen , we talked about how she got the idea, what came about the business, she told us it was as a result of past health issue that had to do with blood pressure, which was later discovered that it was as a result of excessive intake of seasoning cubes, she met with a friend who then introduced her to the spices which worked for her and that’s how they got the idea to turn it into a business, she then got invited to be a partner in the business by her friend (Mrs. Tawakalt Ishowo) and they both have started the business for a year now and so far they have been able to have a trade mark and working to get registered with The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), they also got a space with the technology incubation center in Ilorin.
The interview ended with a quick advice to other entrepreneurs, she said to “have the zeal to push forward to the very last, and to never give up”


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