Engage Your Customers And Keep Them Happy

We all know the saying, “Bad news travels fast”, well this also applies to customer service.  A bad customer services does more harm and no good to a business. Regardless of our Top notch your products or services are, if you have a bad customer service, it could tell greatly on your sales. Customers pledge loyalty to a brand when they know they get the best of both worlds- Good product/service and Good customer service.

Here are a few ways to integrate good customer service to your business

Humanize Your Company

Nobody wants to interact with a vague corporate entity. Whether you have one employee or a thousand, humanize your business by adding faces that represent your brand. Show your customers that you’re involved in the community and various outreach programs. Social media is an excellent opportunity for interacting with customers. Part of being human is connecting with other people on an individual level. Personalizing your messages to your customers goes a long way towards making your customers feel like they’re part of the family. Don’t stop at putting their first name in your email newsletter templates, send them information on products or services based on their needs and interests.

Encourage Positive Interactions

 Whether it’s through requesting testimonials and reviews, reaching out via social media, or sending a follow-up email asking for feedback. A complete customer experience is a two-way street, keep track of your interactions across different channels. If a customer reaches out for assistance via email and then calls the next day for help, know what issue he’s dealing with without asking him to explain it and remember his frustration all over again.

Customer service is evolving, but it sometimes feels like it’s at a glacial pace. Unhappy customers used to be worth little time — companies already had their money.

Create Communities.

 Your customers will feel even more valued if you treat them as important members of a community. You can bring customers together in different ways, including webinars, interactive websites, social media, trade shows and conventions. Another advantage of this is that while your customers come to these forums to learn from you, you can learn as much from them.


Every customer is different, and some may even seem to change week-to-week. You should be able to handle surprises, sense the customer’s mood and adapt accordingly. This also includes a willingness to learn– providing good customer service is a continuous learning process.



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