• The Need For A Marketing Consultant

    What Exactly Does a Marketing Consultant Do? They develop clear strategies to meet your company’s goals – everything from defining your target audience to determining your messaging and the most effective channels to use to reach that audience. Then, they execute or oversee the plan, monitoring results and tweaking methods where necessary. A good marketing […]
  • Financial Plans For StartUp Business Persons

    When it comes to heading a successful business, the amount of money you put in is equally as important as the amount of time for the services you provide in return. People often go to extreme measures to keep their business buoyant, some options being more realistic than others. Anyone can start a company but […]
  • 2018 Grants for African Farmers

    The United States African Development Foundation is inviting African entrepreneurs to submit their proposals for Grant financing and support for innovative solutions. Only 100% legally owned African Companies would be considered. The Company has to be legally registered in their respective countries or be about to be registered, the registration must be completed before the […]