NAMA Inc. Foods Limited

An entrepreneur is someone who is his/her owns boss, someone who has experience in business, someone who seeks opportunities when others do not, and someone who has the ability to go further. We got the opportunity to meet an entrepreneur that is determined to take his business to the next level, he is Hafiz Oluwasegun Bakare the founder of NAMA Inc. a graduate of computer science from university of Ilorin, kwara state Nigeria, we got to know more about NAMA Inc. which is specialized in grilled chicken and beef and provides services such as outdoor events (outdoor sports, weddings, parties) and home deliveries on a low scale, he also told us that NAMA Inc. is special and different from others due to the grilling process  and the spices needed are gotten from Kano.

During the interview he told us how he came about NAMA Inc. according to him it all started form when he was in Kano, because he grew up in Kano so he has always had the idea for the business but just couldn’t start then due to lack of funding, and he also learned more about the business during his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) but still couldn’t start because he was held back due to limited resources, he then decided to go in to an I.T business with a partner , he was able to get the funding need from the partnership and savings which he used to startup NAMA Inc., NAMA Inc. has been running for 2 years, and he plans to expand the business by entering the Lagos market by 2018 and to get NAMA Inc. to the south in 5 years. We then talked about some of the challenges he faces which are not getting spices from Kano on time, keeping the grill fresh which is tasking and managing two spots at a time. The interview ended with a quick advice to other entrepreneurs; he urged other entrepreneurs to “be innovative and open minded to ideas”.

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