Seven Simple Tips To Improve Daily Productivity


“Be productive!!! Be productive!!!”

A sentence with two words only but one of the most frustrating sentences thrown in our faces either in our work environment or by that annoying little voice in our head. But the truth we all know is that, it easier said than done. Why? Well, because we would rather hearken to the voice of the biggest enemy of productivity, its evil twin, Procrastination. I’m sure we can all relate.

Ever needed to take out the bin in the evening but think to yourself,

“How about tomorrow morning?”

and then in the morning you think,

“I’ll do it before noon”

Next thing you know, in a couple of days, you have a truckload of garbage waiting on you to be disposed.

Congratulations!!! You just got slammed by the evil twin.  But we all most definitely prefer the good twin.

Below are some tested and proven tips on how to make better use of your time – be productive.


  1. Early Start

This first tip shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s no secret that we have just 24 hours in a day and the average human needs about 5 hours of sleep, that leaves you with 19 hours in a day. This is obviously not enough time considering all the errands you have to run and targets you have to meet, remember time waits for no one. So waking up early definitely gives you a head start to accomplish your daily goals. If you have trouble waking up early, you can try going to bed early and at the same time each day. As the saying goes “early to bed, early to rise”.


  1. Daily Exercise

This doesn’t mean you have to wake up before dawn and head to the gym to lift heavy weights and such.  Waking up and doing a couple of stretches and whatever exercise works for you does more good to your brain than you can imagine. It’s been proven that regular exercise helps the brain by reducing insulin resistance and stimulating the release of growth chemicals in the brain. Simply put, daily exercise equals healthy brain which equals positive mindset and therefore more productivity.

So think twice before skipping those light stretches next time.


  1. Set Daily Goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you surely wouldn’t finish most of your projects in a day. It is thus important to set well-defined realistic goals.  The keyword here is “realistic”. Don’t go setting goals that realistically cannot be completed within a day or week. Break them down into little chunks that you know you can finish in one day. This helps keep you motivated and in turn improves your productivity ratio.

  1. Greatest Productivity Period -GPP

A secret to maximizing your productivity is knowing what time you are at your best and getting done as much as you can in that period. If you are the type to assimilate more before sunrise or at the crack of dawn, then that is the best time to read that book or study that material you need to.


  1. Stay on Schedule

The importance of staying on schedule cannot be over emphasized as staying on schedule is itself productivity. You can’t be productive if you are not knocking off tasks on your to-do list at the designated time you’re supposed to and having room for new tasks the following day. So get that book for your to-do list and begin writing and marking daily goals off!


  1. Self-Education

Take time out to learn something new every day. It does not have to be right out of the text book. Read good books, especially self-help books, engage in intelligent conversations and be open minded about other people’s opinions even if they differ from yours.


  1. Know yourself

Here is probably the best tip of all. Know yourself and know what works best for you. Don’t give excuses, don’t be too hard on yourself. Find out the schedule that works best for you and follow it.

So don’t just stay in bed or lazy about…get up and start being productive today!!!


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