Make it by bartering: One of the biggest advantages you have today is that there are a record number of entrepreneurs who, like you, need people with other skill sets to help make their startup a reality. This means that you can connect with others and trade your services, which not only saves money, but can help both of you succeed.

Personally, I have bartered with programmers, developers and artists, sharing my own strengths as a communicator, marketer and strategic advisor. It saved me and my colleagues thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Make it presellable: A brilliant technique is to sell before you create. It’s popular in the teaching and consulting world, as you’ll see people selling webinar, conference or product access, though the actual delivery won’t happen until weeks, if not months later. Think of it as an ad-hoc Kickstarter campaign – though you will deliver on your promise, no matter what.

In the great book Rework, the 37signals founders talk about wanting to sell a new product as quickly as possible, so they set up a simple link on their website. They didn’t even have the invoicing system in place! Instead, they got a notification whenever someone ordered in the link and they’d write an email to the person right on the spot. Imagine the sales they would have missed if they waited until the whole system was in order? And those preorders, no doubt, helped fund the final product.