• Shell Ideas360

      Shell Ideas360 is more than a global competition. It connects students to develop ideas to tackle the pressures on the world’s Food, Water and Energy resources. It’s an exciting journey of learning and discovery. Collaborate with like-minded innovators, Shell experts and mentors to expand your horizons.   visit http://www.shellideas360.com/about-the-competition/
  • NUTAN Foods – The Healthy Choice

    We got the chance to sit down with an entrepreneur, Mrs. Nurat Anoba Niyi Kamardeen and her partner Mrs. Tawakalt Ishowo business Admin and culinary expert which is the main brain behind the business and we get to know about their products and how they came about the business. Mrs. Nurat Anoba Niyi Kamardeen is […]
  • Engage Your Customers And Keep Them Happy

    We all know the saying, “Bad news travels fast”, well this also applies to customer service.  A bad customer services does more harm and no good to a business. Regardless of our Top notch your products or services are, if you have a bad customer service, it could tell greatly on your sales. Customers pledge […]
  • The Need For A Marketing Consultant

    What Exactly Does a Marketing Consultant Do? They develop clear strategies to meet your company’s goals – everything from defining your target audience to determining your messaging and the most effective channels to use to reach that audience. Then, they execute or oversee the plan, monitoring results and tweaking methods where necessary. A good marketing […]
  • Financial Plans For StartUp Business Persons

    When it comes to heading a successful business, the amount of money you put in is equally as important as the amount of time for the services you provide in return. People often go to extreme measures to keep their business buoyant, some options being more realistic than others. Anyone can start a company but […]
  • 2018 Grants for African Farmers

    The United States African Development Foundation is inviting African entrepreneurs to submit their proposals for Grant financing and support for innovative solutions. Only 100% legally owned African Companies would be considered. The Company has to be legally registered in their respective countries or be about to be registered, the registration must be completed before the […]
  • NAMA Inc. Foods Limited

    An entrepreneur is someone who is his/her owns boss, someone who has experience in business, someone who seeks opportunities when others do not, and someone who has the ability to go further. We got the opportunity to meet an entrepreneur that is determined to take his business to the next level, he is Hafiz Oluwasegun […]
  • Tips To Avoid Having Your Computer Hacked

    Tips to avoid having your e-mail account or computer hacked. Before thinking of installing software for encrypting communication or data, you should adopt some good habits and follow these tips. Avoid working with your back to a window When you are travelling on a plane or train, attach a privacy filter to your screen. A […]
  • 7 Things That Most First Time Founders Get Wrong

    Starting a company is hard. There’s a reason that over 80 percent of all companies fail within 18 months. Luck certainly plays a part, but there are also very tactical steps founders can take to increase their odds of success. First time founders, especially ones that haven’t thought much about what it truly takes to […]
  • House of Nasada

    A new fashion house, House of Nasada, opened recently in Ilorin, Adjacent, St. Anthony Secondary School, Offa road. House of Nasada specializes in design and making of pocket friendly, quality clothes. Their designs are creative, stylish and tailored to meet the needs of all customers.  
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