Tips for public speaking

  • by Adeyinka Adekeye
  • 4 Years ago
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1. Start in the middle.

This rouses the interest of the listeners, because after getting a tip of the iceberd, they will want to know where it begins, and obviously, where it ends.

Movies and plays draw us in by starting in the midst of the action and so should you. Skip the long introduction and instead make a bold assertion.

2. Rehearse more than you think you need.

Speak your presentation out loud, a dozen times or more. Use your slides when you practice. This allows you to stop thinking about what comes next and instead focus on connecting with your audience.

3. Target the audience one at a time”

Instead of looking at the audience as a mass, focus on individuals. Speak directly to them, one after another. Watch their reactions–did somebody nod? Great! Move on to someone else. Do they look perplexed? Maybe you should slow down.

Let your audience help you create your performance, as you move through it together.

4. Don’t compete with yourself.
There’s a saying in theater: “Find your light.” It means that moving to the spot(s) onstage in which you’re best illuminated makes it easy for the audience to see you. As a presenter, you can do this too, and not just with lighting. Your slides should not be saying what you’re saying. If they are, the audience will watch them and not you. Instead, let them illustrate and augment what you’re saying, with images or summary headlines.

5. Make deliberate choices.
Always know the reason behind doing what you do on stage, why are you moving around? why are you spending so much time on a particular aspect? Make sure everything you do is actually being done according to your choice and don’t get lost in the speech.


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