Marketing strategies to use before involving a marketing agency

  • by Adeyinka Adekeye
  • 4 Years ago
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1. Understand your own data.
Digital marketing systems produce a lot of data, and it can be overwhelming to read a lot of complex reports from many different systems. If you really want to understand what’s happening, start by signing into a tool like Google Analytics that your web developer probably installed on your website to gather key stats about your website traffic. Look for a report on traffic by source, and discover how many people are visiting your website from sources like referrals, organic search, direct and advertising. You should also set up goal conversion tracking in Google Analytics so that you can see how many leads or sales are coming from each source.
2. Focus on the goal — traffic, leads or sales.
Once you understand your current situation, you’ll be ready to set goals for improvement. There are many digital marketing techniques that can help you, like search engine optimization, website optimization and A/B testing, but if you are doing it yourself, focus on a simple goal such as driving more traffic and leads/sales. You can start by adding a “call to action” or “offer” on your home page or landing page that makes it easy for visitors to provide their contact information. By tagging the lead as a conversion in Google Analytics, you can now connect the dots between your marketing efforts, visits and leads.
3. Test simple marketing campaigns.
If you don’t have a lot of resources, focus on simple campaigns that can drive traffic and leads. In my experience, the easiest campaigns to start are email campaigns, if you have a list, or simple ad campaigns using Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. Each of these tools is powerful and highly complex, but start with the simplest form and leverage the vendor’s staff to get the program started correctly. Just remember that these campaigns don’t run themselves, so you’ll need to check in every few days to see if they are on track and if they are driving the traffic and leads you want.
4. Get a little help.
Even if you are running your own digital marketing campaign, don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you need it. It’s probably not worth your time to become a certified expert in website design, video production or graphic design when you can outsource these functions to contractors when you need them. There are many websites that give you access to experts, and if you spend a few Naira you won’t get bogged down on details that can cripple your progress.

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