Five steps to take to gain a foothold in new markets worldwide

  • by Adeyinka Adekeye
  • 4 Years ago
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1. content translation.

There are approximately 3.1 billion global Internet users — almost two-thirds of whom are nonnative English speakers. So, when it comes to going global, your business simply cannot ignore one basic rule: “translation first.” That means translating marketing materials, ads, websites and social media outreach and anything else you use to reach consumers.

2. localization of content.

Yes, speaking the local language is an essential way to foster market entry. But, on a global scale, effective marketing is about much more than translating words and phrases; it’s about bringing local flavor and meaning to your pitch. From packaging and labeling, to flyers, brochures, online banner ads, landing pages, local email campaigns and even social media posts, you need words and even slang that appeal to local sensibilities, norms and tastes.

3. Make sure your customer service serves local customers.

While many expanding companies invest considerable time and resources into acquiring new customers, they tend to forget that the real work begins once a new customer comes on board. Successful global businesses do everything necessary — and then some — to retain customers and keep them happy. One sure way to achieve this is by providing customer care in the local, native tongue. This can be done by creating an in-house team of native language customer service representatives, finding a third party that offers such a service or even using email translation software to help support customers who can’t correspond in English. Not only will the effort be appreciated, it will significantly reduce churn.

4. Fast and Efficient Delivery.

You should make sure your shipping and delivery plans are optimized to prevent frustrating customers due to late deliveries. Imagine how you would feel after waiting days or even weeks for a new smartphone you purchased online, only to discover that due to a shipping issues, days turn to weeks and weeks to months.

Making sure your business can effectively fill orders and get them to their destinations in a timely manner is paramount to any venture with global aspirations. Make sure your global-distribution plan is reliable and timely, by implementing a supply-chain management strategy such as Drop Shipping or teaming up with a local fulfilment partner. Remember, the old adage “better late than never” doesn’t necessarily apply in the speedy world of ecommerce.

5. Offer Multiple and Convenient payment Methods.

Make life easier for your global customers by incorporating easy-to-use domestic payment methods. Platforms such as PayPal and fastcharge are just a few ecommerce platforms that support the use of multiple languages, currencies, tax and VAT rates.

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